The Monitoring Process

The first chapter of the toolkit will introduce you to the basic concepts of monitoring, introduce you to the monitoring process, teach you how to do a context analysis, determine the feasibility of monitoring and finally, understand the legal framework for monitoring.

While creating this toolkit, we have tried to be simple and direct with our language. Trying to navigate through a world of jargon on the subject of monitoring, we realized it is important for us to define what our key concepts are right in the beginning.

Many organizations and civil society groups use terms like “community,” “participation” and “accountability” without explaining what they mean. Without explanation, these terms can sound like NGO jargon that may sound impressive, but not have any concrete meaning. That’s why we created a fun and easy jargon generator for development projects in Afghanistan. Go play with the JARGON GENERATOR.

  1. Key Concepts
  2. Community Based Monitoring
  3. Mapping the Context
  4. Is it Feasible?
  5. Monitoring & the Law

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