Organize Yourself

The second chapter of the toolkit will introduce you to the organizational structure required for a civil society group to operate a community-based monitoring program. Working with communities and mobilizing them for monitoring is not an easy job. It may not be a job for those just trying to find a regular 8-5 job. In our experience, the best people who can organize communities to monitor have the following characteristics:

  • Have integrity.
  • Sincerely committed to and respects local communities across the country.
  • Believes that each citizen despite their education, ethnic, gender or geographic identity, can help improve the country.
  • Live in the communities where they are working.
  • Can manage and lead people.
  • Build lasting personal relationships.
  • Willing to constantly learn, adapt and be challenged.

It is often hard to find the right people, especially following decades of war, where many of the qualified people have fled to other countries and those remaining did not have the same opportunities for education and gaining work experience.

Organizing a community-based monitoring program can require the coordination of hundreds of people. People are thus, at the core of your program’s success.

Download Chapter 2 – Organize Yourself (pdf)

  1. Our Model
  2. Gaining Access to Operate (NGOs)

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