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The Coloring & Story Book “Come, Let’s Build Our Country Together!” was created to teach children about collective responsibility and the importance of monitoring projects. Though it is primarily for children, it is also helpful for parents who will themselves learn from the book as they read it to their children.


The story follows a brother and sister, Hamid & Farzana, as they leave their house to go to school in the morning. On their way to school, they encounter an engineer at a ROAD CONSTRUCTION site. There they ask the engineer questions and learn about the road. At school, they find that there is a NEW SCHOOL BUILDING being built close to them. After school, they visit the new school site and run into some Local Monitors discussing the quality issues of the plaster used on the building. There they learn more about the monitoring process.

On their way home from school, Hamid falls and injures himself, so they both rush to the local clinic. There they see that the clinic is being reconstructed and a new extension is being built. After Hamid sees the doctor, they talk to the construction company manager about the NEW CLINIC building. After this, they continue their journey home. But before they reach home, they stop in the garden to play with some friends. There they tell their friends all about what they saw and share their experiences. Finally, they reach home and narrate their adventures to their parents.

Take a look at the cover page below. You should download the English or Dari versions for yourself and print the pages for your children to color!

Download the Coloring Book (English Version)

Download the Coloring Book (Dari Version)

Come, Let's Build Our Country Together! Coloring & Storybook Story by Khalil Zaki & Design by Huma Gupta

Come, Let’s Build Our Country Together! Coloring & Storybook
Story by Khalil Zaki & Design by Huma Gupta


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