Legitimacy & Building Networks


The fourth chapter of the toolkit will introduce you to the challenge of gaining legitimacy with all of the different actors that you need to conduct a successful community-based monitoring program.

Mobilize & Unite. Since “Community” is the key word in the program, mobilization of the community is the biggest task before you. But simply mobilizing the community is not enough. You also have to train and mobilize paid community workers, who can work with the community on a day-to-day basis. The larger objective of CBM however, is to improve relations between the citizens and the government. Government officials thus, also have to be mobilized to support the program and to respond to community concerns. One way to formalize interaction between citizens and the state is to create a Provincial Monitoring Board.

Finally, operating in a post-conflict environment generally means a reliance on donors for funding. Mobilizing donors to support your program financially and through influencing government policies is key to a successful CBM program. When you have successfully mobilized and united each of these groups, it will ensure that the monitoring data produced by communities reaches those who have the influence to change policies and respond to immediate community concerns.

  1. Legitimacy
  2. Community
  3. Focal Points
  4. Government Officials
  5. Provincial Monitoring Board
  6. Donors

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