Knowledge is Power

The fifth chapter of the Toolkit will introduce you to innovative types of training materials, including animations, comic books and technical training videos. The objective of using fun, simple and engaging materials is to help share our knowledge with the maximum amount of people, regardless of age or education.

Integrity Watch believes the experiences of monitoring in a conflict- and corruption-ridden environment has generated a flexible model for community-based monitoring. We believe CBM could be applied in any number of sectors and services, such as reconstruction efforts, international aid & development projects, the judiciary, public services, government budgeting and natural resource extraction (e.g. mining). Monitoring could also be conducted in conflict, transitioning and peacetime contexts.

The objective of these training materials is to teach the concept of monitoring to others both within and outside of Afghanistan. We hope you will use and adapt these materials to your needs. If you use the materials, then we know we have succeeded in decentralizing our knowledge.

  1. Challenges
  2. Animation
  3. Comic Books
  4. Technical Training Videos
  5. Social Training Videos
  6. Coloring & Story Book

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