Technical Training Videos

The following 8 TECHNICAL TRAINING VIDEOS were created to supplement the training of local monitors. They are all filmed in Dari and illustrate local construction conditions. In Afghanistan, often foreign training material is used, which is inappropriate for the Afghan context.

These videos cover 8 of the most common construction materials and techniques. Most of the quality problems we encounter are related to bricks, cement, concrete, steel rods, stones and gravel.

Integrity Watch has an engineer in each province who is in charge of training and supporting local monitors. The video was a way to capture their knowledge and spread it beyond Integrity Watch’s trainings to anyone who watches them. This is an example of DECENTRALIZING KNOWLEDGE.

Technical Training – Bricks

Technical Training – Concrete

Technical Training – Cement

Technical Training – Steel Rods

Technical Training – Shuttering

Technical Training – Stones

Technical Training – Gravel

Technical Training – Sand

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