About Toolkit


This toolkit is based on Integrity Watch Afghanistan’s experiences in monitoring reconstruction and development projects in Afghanistan. Integrity Watch believes the experiences of monitoring in a conflict- and corruption-ridden environment has generated a flexible model for community-based monitoring. We believe Community-Based Monitoring (CBM) could be applied in any number of sectors and services, such as reconstruction efforts, international aid & development projects, the judiciary, public services, government budgeting and natural resource extraction (e.g. mining). Monitoring could also be conducted in conflict, transitioning and peacetime contexts. Overall, it seeks to strengthen state-society relations and increase upward and downward political, legal, social and professional accountability.

This toolkit is designed to help other individuals and groups in Afghanistan or beyond to start monitoring sectors that face high levels of corruption. The toolkit takes the user through the whole community-based monitoring (CBM) methodology and process.

We seek to share our knowledge. We hope you will use it and adapt it to your needs.

Authors: Huma Gupta, Haris Jahangeer, Mateja Zupancic


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